Take Out

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Book one our earlier; you can call us or write us on whatsapp (338 1717017). You will pick up your food at the restaurant


One portion = 8 pieces

Plate Ingredients
18) California crab, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise
19) Tempura Maki fried crayfish, mayonnaise
20) Salmon Avocato Salmon, avocado
21) Tuna Avocado Tuna, avocado
22) Philadelphia salmon, philadelphia
23) Vegetarian avocado, cucumber, salad, mayonnaise
26) Tiger roll crayfish, crab, mayonnaise, salmon, tobiko
31) Maki italy salmon, avocado, cucumber + cover

One portion = 6 pieces

Piatto ingredienti
7) Sake maki salmon
8) Tekka Maki tuna
9) Ebi Maki cooked crayfish
10) Surimi crab
11) Kappa Maki cucumber
12) Avocado Maki avocado
13) Philadelphia philadelphia
14) Mango salmon mango, salmon

Fixed price

25each menù
  • pick-up at the restaurant

Take Away

Directly to your home

Koi manages the take away with the Just Eat platform. Order on their site to get your plates at home.